Bosseini is a developer that gives shape to remarkable lifestyles. We build communities that capture the elusive human experience. Strategically planned, methodically designed, our homes extend far beyond their walls, integrating and entwining themselves within nature. Each is a sanctuary part of a collective retreat, where beauty inside is mirrored outside, where Wellness flourishes, and home is all around.

With a diverse portfolio that spans more than a decade, and a leadership team with over 18 years of construction experience, Bosseini has gained an incisive understanding of all that can be made possible. We pride ourselves on creating unique, innovative communities of the highest quality. Every aspect of design is taken into consideration, from the physical, uninterrupted layout of homes and network of streets, to the intangible air of contentment.

Those who hope for a new, as yet undiscovered lifestyle.
Journey with us, and you will arrive there, and the undiscovered will be found.
Your search begins and ends with Bosseini.
You are destined for home.


Bosseini Living provides comprehensive solutions for both urban and rural developments, transforming land into vibrant residential neighbourhoods, commercial centres and recreational communities. We pride ourselves on our full suite of services that range from detailed research and analysis, to obtaining the necessary documentation and marketing the property.

We evaluate the critical infrastructure, environment, traffic, water absorption rates and other necessary factors to locate the right site; we handle the Development Feasibility Analysis, Zoning Bylaw & Amendments and financial feasibility studies; and we offer insight into how best to position the property to maximize its value and use.

Our Services Include:

  • Finding the appropriate land for development.
  • Performing due diligence and feasibility studies.
  • Assisting with the land transfer process.
  • Managing the project from rezoning to obtaining site plan approvals or subdivision agreements.
  • Administering municipal servicing construction.
  • Supporting architectural drawings based on current market trends.
  • Applying for the required building permits.
  • Executing the marketing and pre-sales process.
  • Administering the tender process for building houses.
  • Completing the sales process and transferring the residences to the end user.


Turnbull Lakeside


Memorial Avenue


Sand Cherry Court


Hawk Ridge Residence


6200 Yonge Street

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